Description of the project

TY Seven Dials was another project done for the Timberyard UK brand; where again we worked from refurbishment ideas through to project management, delivering a beautifully designed shop.

This inspiring environment was also divided into basement and ground floor. The basement benefitted from in situ pavement lights that allowed natural light to come through. The N&N team carried forward all main features of the personalised TY brand design: metal wire trays, exposed air-conditioning system, resin flooring, reclaimed wood flooring and bare brick walls. The ground floor, gained from one of our bespoke counters that was distinctly placed in the cafe.

The good use of the space allowed TY Seven Dials to have space for a boardroom, meeting area and an event room.

The cafe’s unique look of exposed beams, fantastic storage space, open area and comfort was brought again to life by the fantastic N&N team who worked to the highest standards alongside the client itself.